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Pack Calendar - Upcoming Events



1)  Pack meetings are at Village Oaks, unless noted

2)  * are Village Oaks School event (not Cub Scout event)

Check school calendar for changes


Info about website:  Our current free web hosting service is going away. 

We are in the process of looking for a replacement.  We’ve been told the

timing is the end of July.  Any change to the web address will be

communicated in an e-mail.


UPDATED:  August 9, 2009



July 20            Payment due for Submarine Overnight (see flyer)

July 20-22      Day Camp – Proud Lake



TBA                Fishing Event (Tentative)

Aug-13           Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)


Note:  Below is the plan that was tentatively planned out in the June PC Meeting



Sept-2            VO Open House with Cub Scouting Booth

TBA                Boys Talk – Info about joining Cub Scouting @ VO

Sept-8            First day of School

Sept-10          Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

Sept-17          Pack Meeting

Sept-26          Corn Maze



Oct-8               Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

Oct-15            Pack Meeting

Oct-30           Submarine Overnight



Nov-3             Professional Development Day – No School

TBA                Whalers Game

Nov-12            Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

Nov-19            Pack Meeting

Nov-25           Half-Day



Dec-10           Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

Dec-17           Pack Meeting / Holiday Party

Dec-18           Last day of school



Jan-4              Classes resume

Jan-14            Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

Jan-17            Fridge i.l.o. Pack Meeting

Jan-18            No School – MLK Day

Jan-29            No School



Feb-10           Pinewood Derby Weigh-In

Feb-11           Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

Feb-12           Pinewood Derby

Feb-18&19    No School – Mid-Winter Break



Mar-9              No School

Mar-11            Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

Mar-21            Blue & Gold



Spring Break – No School April 2 through April 9

Apr-8              Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

Apr-15            Pack Meeting



May-13           Parents / Committee Meeting (7:30 VOCH)

May-28           No School

May-31           Memorial Day Parade



TBA                Overnight

June-18          Last Day of School



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