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Event Assignments from 2005-2006 School Year


First Pack Meeting

Den 8 Lead

Corn Maze

Den 3 Lead

J&L Heslop, C. Shuffet, D. Woody

October Pack Meeting / Trunk or Treat (at Novi Civic Center)

Den 2 Lead

A. Wolf, C. Fadanelli

November Pack Meeting (at Novi Civic Center)

Den 7 Lead

Scouting for Food

Bag Distribution

Den 8 Lead

B. Hood, P. Warner

Bag Collection

Den 8 Lead

B. Hood, P. Warner

Whaler’s Hockey Game

Den 1 Lead  

M, Roney

December Pack Meeting / Uniform Inspection Holiday Party/Toys for Tots

Den 6 Lead

NC, N. Conyers

January Pack Meeting / Roller Skating (Location to be Announced)

Den 8 Lead

C. Gaul, K. Gardner

Fridge – Winter Outing

Den 8 Lead  

R. Halverson

February Pack Meeting (at Novi Civic Center)

Den 1   

Mom / Scout Bowling

Den 7 Lead

C: C. Fadanelli, J. Flores, V. Caddy

Pinewood Derby

Den 3 Lead

C. Shuffett, R Wiedmaier, D. Haakenson, Sudha Rao

G.Williams, A. Schmid, J. Hawkins, D. Woody

Blue & Gold Banquet

Den 8

C: K. Hood/C. Warner, Sudha Rao

April Pack Meeting

Den 4   

May Pack Meeting

Den 6   

Memorial Day Parade

Den 8

C: C. Heil

Pack Overnight

Den 2   

NC, D. Haakenson, G. Williams

Day Camp

Den 7    NONE

Pack Picnic


Baseball  Outing

Den 7

C: J. McClain, D. Woody

Fishing Derby

Den 2 

C: G. Caddy, V. Caddy, J. Heslop